Secret Service Agent Charged With Arson And Destruction Of Evidence For Clinton Compound Fire

When a small building on the Clinton property in Chappaqua, New York went up in flames, the media and local officials went out of their way to let everyone know that the Clintons weren’t there and that nobody was hurt. What they won’t tell you is that the FBI was on their way to search the property and that the Secret Service agent on duty torched the building on purpose.

That agent, Kaspar Thelinkovich, has been a part of the Clinton Secret Service detail since the 1990s. He is also on the family’s private payroll for security operations off the clock. He was there when the FBI reached the gate, looking for media servers and camera footage, all of which would have been stored in the building out back.

Thelinkovich didn’t even try to hide his actions. He lit a cigarette and tossed it into a pile of crumpled up newspaper in the corner of the small structure. It was a total loss within minutes.

It took the FBI a little over a day to piece together what happened. While the footage and records they were searching for were destroyed, at least they have a man in custody who may know quite a bit about their criminal underworld.

Source: Patriot Post

Federal Judge Nullifies Alabama Senate Election: ‘It’s Nothing But Fraud’

Judge Alejandro Wilson of Alabama’s 14th District Court of Appeals has thrown out the certification of the run-off election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. The ruling, handed down just before the certification was set to be sent to the Senate Floor for confirmation, states that due to rampant voter fraud, the election can’t be considered “the will of the people.

Judge Wilson wrote:

“Between illegals voting, busloads of people being shipped in from across the country and the voter ID scam, it would appear that the number of fraudulent votes has surpassed the margin of victory. Assuming that fraud was perpetrated to subvert the will of the people, the only legal conclusion is to throw out this failed election and have the State of Alabama try again in January.”

Roy Moore has declared the ruling a “victory for all God-fearing Alabamians.” Doug Jones has filed an appeal to the 9th District Court for injunctive relief.

Alabama’s state offices will be closed until Tuesday, but a spokesman for the Governor said the Board of Elections is “exploring all of their options.”

A special election would have to take place before the Senate resumes its normal schedule on January 19th. We’ll keep you updated on this evolving situation.

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Denied Bail After Incident

Sometimes, very rarely, we see lady justice treat the elite the same way she treats everyone else and that happened on Friday night at Abigail Pelosi’s bail hearing.

Pelosi’s youngest daughter just turned 18 last week but she couldn’t wait to get herself in trouble. On Wednesday she and her friends sneaked into the Suprema Club in Baltimore, Maryland and when hey got caught one member of the group —Pelosi—refused to leave.

According to news reports that came out before anyone knew her identity (reports on the incident stopped coming after her name was discovered) indicated that the girl “physically assaulted multiple security guards and a police officer,” causing “numerous injuries.”

Normally, even in the case of a violent assault, it would not be an issue to get Abigail released on bail but she seems to be an almost remarkable kind of stupid: she attacked a guard at the Baltimore Minimum Security Prison on her way to see the judge Friday evening.

As a result, Pelosi was denied bail and now must sit behind bars for two weeks until her court date unless her mom pulls some strings — something that will be difficult now that what happened is getting some publicity.

The Pelosi family are all trash and this is just the latest example of why we should not place our trust in liberals.

Christian Baker Screwed By Liberal Court Wins The Lottery

Melissa Morgan and her husband, Ben, have seen way too much bad news with their names on it. After being sued by a gay couple they refused to bake a cake for so they wouldn’t go to hell, they suffered loss after loss at the hands of the courts.

That streak of bad luck came to an end this morning when the Morgans learned they had won more than $3 million playing Oregon’s State Lottery. A spokeswoman for the Sweet Cakes shop told our reporter:

“Melissa and Ben are thrilled that God has come through for them. They had no idea how they would pay the $165K in ’emotional damages’ they legally owe a pair of fairies for having their feels hurt. It’s been a BS, overblown nightmare and they’re happy it’s over.”

Melissa Morgan says she played the same 5 numbers on the State’s Mega Winner weekly drawing for more than 10 years:

“The day I played my first number, they just came to me. A little voice told me not to worry, that God would be there in our time of need. And here he is. Those gays can have their money. I hope they use it to buy a nice wedding cake.”

You can’t help but feel vindicated for the Morgans after watching their lives fall apart for believing in Jesus. The war on Christianity is real, folks. We’re living it every day.

In Epic 6-2 Decision, US Supreme Court Finally Rules That Obama Completey Violated Constitution

The Supreme court made a ruling earlier in the month that Lafe Solomon (an Obama appointee) illegally served as acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board for an entirety of three whole years. Back in 2011, Senate would not take up Solomon’s nomination. But, Obama used his standing to pretend he was above the law and left Solomon as “acting” general counsel. Former President Barack Obama is under the impression that the law does not apply to him or his cronies.

Barack Obama didn’t care to respect American laws or our Constitution during the time he was commander in chief. He certainly doesn’t respect them now. While Obama was taking his time creating his “shadow government” in order to try to take down President Trump, the Supreme Court was doing some work of their own. They ruled that Barack Obama knowingly violated the Constitution.

Actually, Obama violated the Constitution for three whole years. Chief Justice John Roberts stated that Obama did an “end-run around” the Constitution. While the mainstream Liberal media won’t dare release a story on the matter, because it would simply derail all of their ridiculous narratives. It’s important to get the truth out there, because you know the mainstream media will skew it in Obama’s favor.

Violations on the part of Lafe Solomon were clear as well. Solomon completely violated the agency’s ethics rules. He intervened in a case on behalf of a company that he had stock in. The Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 clearly states that he was supposed to have stepped down from his position. For this reason, the Senate would not take up his nomination to serve as permanent general counsel.

Liberty One TV reported:

In a 6-2 opinion, written authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court ruled that Barack Hussein Obama violated the Constitution. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the good of the country to let the new President govern. Out of office for under a year, Barack Hussein Obama already has a “community organizing” organization with 250 offices around the country, and 30,000 employees in place. Their sole purpose is to interfere, and fight the Trump administration every step of the way. It is despicable. It is Un-American!

The name of his new leftist nonprofit group is called OFA. Get use to that folks, it will soon be as famous as George Soros, and Black Lives Matter. OFA stands for Organizing for Action. How appropriate. The community organizer is going back to organizing albeit on a much larger scale, not to mention more violent and destructive.

It’s obvious that Soros money is at the forefront of it all. It’s all so obvious, but the Left continues to deny, deny, deny! Barack and Michelle Obama deliberately moved into an 8,000 square foot mansion just two miles from President Donald Trump’s current home, the White House. Obama will also be leasing office space in the headquarters building of the National Wildlife Building. It’s all too suspicious.

The Daily Mail has also reported that Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has also moved into the mansion. The reasoning? She is working beside Michelle Obama and Barack Obama. She is extremely close with the Obamas. She also lived in the White House with them while Obama was in office. Jarrett was involved in many major domestic and foreign policy decisions while Obama was in office as well.

Many Americans are concerned that Barack Obama is working on constructing a shadow government to disrupt the presidency of Donald Trump. It seems that we are getting awfully close to sedition. Obama is walking a fine line, and many are claiming that he is working against the best interests of the United Sates government.

The New York Post reported:


Texas Father Who Killed Man Who Raped His Daughter , Won’t Face Charges

A Texas father will not face murder charges for killing a man with his own bare hands after he discovered the suspect raping his 5-year-old daughter in a remote barn.

A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to charge the 23-year-old father, whose name was withheld, in the June 9 death of Jesus Mora Flores, 47, citing Texas state law where deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault, the Daily Mail reported.

The jury also cut him a break for the 911 calls he made immediately after the attack.

Sheriff Micah Harmon said in June that he was not willing to press charges against the father, and rather the case would be presented to a grand jury.

“You have a right to defend your daughter,” Mr. Harmon told CNN at the time. “The girl’s father acted in defense of his third person. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him.”

V’Anne Huser, the father’s attorney, sternly told reporters several times that neither the father nor the family will ever give interviews, the Daily Mail reported.

“He’s a peaceable soul,” Huser said. “He had no intention to kill anybody that day.”

Authorities say a witness saw Flores “forcibly carrying” the young girl into a secluded area. Running toward his daughter’s screams, police said the father pulled Flores off of her and “inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area,’ the Daily Mail said.

Emergency crews found Flores’ pants and underwear pulled down on his lifeless body by the time they arrived.

An examination of the girl found that she was indeed being sexually molested, the report said.

Residents of the small town largely supported the father through his legal troubles.

“[Flores] got what he deserved, big time,” Sonny Jaehne told the Victoria Advocate.

“I would probably do worse,” said friend Mark Harabis. “The family will have to deal with that the rest of their lives, no matter what happens to the father. Even if they let him go, he and his child will have to deal with that the rest of their lives.”

Mueller Corruption Scandal Breaks Wide Open-Look What Crime He Buried For Obama

News has been breaking of Russia-connected corruption within the U.S. government. But—surprise, surprise—it has nothing to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with Barack Obama.

Apparently, as Obama’s administration was approving a titanic deal to give Russian companies stack in U.S. uranium, the same Russian individuals were engaged in all sorts of nefarious behavior. Corruption, bribery, and various underhanded activities.

We never learned about it, because it appears the FBI at the time was covering it up. And who was responsible for the cover up? Oh, just the guy leading the Russian investigate today.

From Daily Wire:

Robert Mueller, who is the special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation, oversaw the FBI when the agency allegedly hid evidence it had collected that showed that Russian officials were engaged in a bribery scheme aimed at growing their atomic energy business inside the United States.

The details were outlined in a report on Tuesday which showed that the evidence was withheld even from lawmakers as they questioned the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s Rosatom, which led to Russia controlling 20% of U.S. uranium.

Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted, told The Hill that he was never made aware of anything regarding “Russian nuclear corruption,” though many of his fellow lawmakers were concerned about the deal, which was also approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department…

“The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking.”

Wow, this is really looking bad for everyone involved. Obama, Clinton, Mueller are all in a big pot of corruption stew. Why were these charged covered up? Because they didn’t want the deal to get nixed by Congress. So Mueller’s people, during Obama’s authority, hid the evidence to protect the deal.

That’s pretty shady, to me.

It suggests that the administration, and those working for it in the FBI, were all but complicit in the bribery scheme. Perhaps they were beneficiaries of bribery? How can we know, since it was covered up?

All this should lead to an investigation by Congress over just what went on back then. I had a hard time believing nobody will be prosecuted over this revelation. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Conservative Post

Trump Is Shipping Them to Guantanamo

Now, this is really a great way to start the year!

We are getting reports that President Donald Trump has ordered the military staff at Guantanamo Bay Prison to prepare for multiple incoming ‘high level’ prisoners in the coming months.

Some of which are said to include American politicians. Happy Days!

President Trump orders Guantanamo Bay to prepare for high profile elite prisoners

According to leaked Intel, President Trump is preparing to transfer a large number of ‘VIP’ American detainees to the notorious prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal for corruption and crimes against the state. If this indeed is the case, then people linked to the now infamous Uranium One deal when Crooked Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State are now being placed in custody as we speak, in preparation for the historical trials.

President Trump Orders Guantanamo Bay To Prepare For ‘High Level’ Prisoners

President Trump has ordered Guantanamo Bay to prepare for incoming ‘high level’ prisoners, including American politicians, within the next few months.

According to a Military of Defense report, Trump is preparing to transfer an unknown number of ‘VIP’ American detainees to the notorious prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal.

Reports suggest that people connected to the Uranium One scandal are being placed in custody in preparation for the trials.

Hundreds of US Army Military Police have also been deployed to Cuba to help oversee the process.

According to the DoD report, while conducting routine training missions in Cuba, intercepted an unusually large number of encrypted communications emanating between the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Cuba) and Luke Air Force Base (Arizona)—immediately after which they made a request to SVR counterintelligence analysts for an explanation of—with the SVR, in turn, then reporting to SCT that these communications were being conducted between the Guantanamo Military Commission (that holds US Military Tribunals) and US Attorney Generals Jeff Sessions.

On 11 April 2017, also, this report says, the SVR reported to SCT that Attorney General Sessions was at Luke Air Force Base to “hold/conduct” meetings with various commanders of the Arizona Army National Guard (AZ ARNG)—with the longest of them being with the commanders of the 850th Military Police Battalion—that numbers nearly 800 highly trained and specialized US Army Military Police forces.

Since its beginning on 11 April 2017, this report continues, SCT intercepts of communications between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base continued on an unprecedented basis—with the largest amount of such communications being reported on 7 July 2017—and was the date Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made an unannounced visit to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base—and whose meetings there on that date included the commanders of the 850th Military Police Battalion who had been flown there the day prior.

The specific type of communication intercepts noted by SCT occurring between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base, this report details, were encrypted video satellite broadcasts transmitted at the North American standard rate of 59.94 frames per second—and whose near predictable times of transmission suggested (to SVR analysts) that these video broadcasts were being used for classroom instruction.

On 21 December 2017, this report further notes, SCT reported that nearly all of these communications between Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Luke Air Force Base had ceased—with the SVR reporting that this cessation occurred when US Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis made an unprecedented-unannounced visit to Guantanamo—the first visit there by a US Defence Secretary in nearly 16 years—and that in doing, Secretary Mattis shockingly broke with the longstanding tradition of persons holding his high office visiting American troops on the front lines—but that he deemed his sudden visit to Guantanamo was vitally more important than.

And as to how “vitally important” Secretary Mattis deemed his unprecedented visit to Guantanamo, this report says, became known yesterday, 29 December 2017, when President Trump suddenly ordered the entire 850th Military Police Battalion to immediately deploy from Luke Air Force Base to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

With the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp holding only 41 detainees, but able to hold nearly 800, this report notes, President Trump’s suddenly ordering there such a large number of US Military Police forces requires a further explanation as to why—and which the SVR says can be found in the equally sudden activity of the secretive IBC Airways—and whom, upon President Trump’s ordering the 850th Military Police Battalion to immediately deploy to Guantanamo, announced, on 29 December 2017, that it is increasing its flights to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to three times a week—thus highly suggesting its anticipation of a flood of visitors there—most likely to include American attorneys defending their soon to be imprisoned traitorous clients.

To the likelihood of President Trump actually imprisoning his “Deep State” enemies, who are currently engaged in a coup against him, General Staff Deputy Defense Minister Tatiana Shevtsova in this report lays out the trail that Trump’s been following since he first took office—and whose clues can be found in his “extreme vetting” immigration plan—the long history of which his enemies have ignored to their peril.

Though not known to the American people, this report explains, “Deep State” aligned leftist US Federal Judges have been battling Trump over his “extreme vetting” plans since the very week he took office—with their reason being because Trump has asserted his power to act based upon “one of the most controversial and least understood laws in the history of the United States”—that’s known as McCarran Act (or Internal Security Act of 1950) that allows for the detention of dangerous, disloyal, or subversive persons in times of war or “internal security emergency”.

As founding FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had warned the US Congress in the late 1940’s that “it only took twenty-three Commies to overthrow Russia”, this report continues, the Internal Security Act of 1950 was enacted into law in order to protect the American president and government from an internal coup like the one Trump is now facing—and that President Trump, on 21 December 2017—the exact same day Secretary Mattis made his sudden visit to Guantanamo—enacted the first phase of by his signing an Executive Order declaring that America, indeed, was now in a state of “National Emergency”—with his exactly naming, too, the Hillary Clinton linked persons seeking to overthrow the US government.

Mostly unknown to the American people when President Trump arrests and detains for US Military Tribunal trials in Guantanamo these “Deep State” coup plotters, this report further notes, is that it was actually President Barack Obama who, in 2012, signed this presidential power into law with the feared National Defense Authorization Act—and that authorizes the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person labeled a “belligerent”—including an American citizen.

Equally unknown to the vast majority of the American people, too, this report concludes, is that the current “Deep State” coup plot against President Trump is not the first one their nation has faced either—but is, in fact, its second—with the first being in 1933 when the “Deep State” launched the “Business Plot Coup” against President Franklin Roosevelt in order so they could join the United States with the globalist power Nazi Germany—with this coup plot being led by the Nazi-aligned Bush Family—but with this coup being destroyed by US Marine General Smedley Butler—whose mighty shoes US Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis now stands in so that he, too, might save his nation.

After Banning Trump From His City Liberal Muslim Mayor Gets Worst News Of His Carer

After repeatedly bashing President Donald Trump and calling for him to be banned from visiting his city, Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has just received the worst news of his entire political career.

Because of liberalism’s ineffectiveness and downright devastating results, the left resorts to name-calling, character assassination, and even physical violence when their policies are challenged. Since Muslims have perfected the art of silencing their critics, liberals have aligned themselves with Islam, despite the ideology’s abhorrence of and incompatibility with the political left.

Sitting atop the fence that borders both Islam and liberalism is London’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has repeatedly berated U.S. President Donald Trump for combatting immigration jihad by implementing the “travel ban,” requiring extreme vetting, and unapologetically referring to “Islamic terrorism.”

In 2017, Khan made several degrading comments towards the U.S. President for daring to criticize his religion, going as far as to call for him to be banned from visiting London, as well as any part of the UK. It was then that Trump reminded the Muslim mayor to focus on his own security issue, as 4 of the last 5 Islamic terror attacks in Britain had occurred in his city. Unfortunately for Khan, this wouldn’t be the last time his condemnation of Trump would blow up in his face.

According to an official report from the Mayor of London’s Police and Crime Office, terror attacks, gun crime, knife crime, burglary, rape, homicide, and even “hate crimes” have skyrocketed since Khan’s election in May 2016 — just as Trump warned. After Khan dismissed Trump’s advice to focus on London’s safety, the Muslim Mayor is being considered one of the worst leaders the British capital has ever seen due to his incompetence in keeping his city safe, according to Breitbart.

From the years 2015/16 to 2016/17, homicides in London rose by 27.1 per cent. Youth homicide jumped 70 per cent. Serious youth violence was up 19 per cent. Robbery was up 33.4 per cent, while home burglaries rose by 18.7 per cent.

Theft went up by over 10,000 incidents in a year, up 33.9 per cent, and there were more than 4,000 additional knife crime incidents under Khan than under his predecessor, a rise of 31.3 per cent.

Rape in the capital rose by 18.3 per cent, while there were 2,551 incidents of gun crime, representing a rise of 16.3 per cent on the previous year.

Overall, every major area of crime increased except for “criminal damage,” which only decreased a paltry 1.6 percent.

Khan’s leadership, or lack thereof, has directly resulted in London surpassing New York City as one of the most dangerous capitals in the Western world. Now, London boasts more acid attacks per capita than any other city on earth, according to the House of Commons. Additionally, the Guido Fawkes blog confirms that the number of deaths of young people has more than doubled since Khan took office.

Refusing to allow Khan and his liberal media lapdogs to sweep this devastating report under the rug, Brexit leader Nigel Farage called for the mayor to “spend less time grandstanding” about Trump and “more time tackling epidemic levels” of crime ravaging his city.

Speaking on his LBC radio show, Mr. Farage blasted, “As it’s New Year, about what happened in London on New Year’s Eve: There were five separate knife attacks that took place in the capital that night, resulting in the deaths of four young people. That’s 80 people who died in London through knife crime in London in 2017 alone. It is a rise of 31 per cent, year on year, from the previous figures. And you know, it isn’t just knife crime – all other forms of violent crime are rising very rapidly in London indeed.

“And I think that when Sadiq Khan the mayor of London, talks about these things he tends to talk in platitudes. I would advise a bit less attacking Donald Trump and other world leaders you don’t like, and we need some real tough community action.”

Disturbingly, Khan is more concerned with those causing the influx of crime and terrorism than his own citizens. In fact, he has vowed to take in more migrants, almost all of whom are Muslim, by declaring that “London is open.”

Khan also made the position of his focus known when he responded to the September 2016 New York bombing by dismissively suggesting that Londoners should get used to the threat of terror attacks because they are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” He then followed up his controversial comment by claiming that “nothing is more important to me than keeping Londoners safe.”

While Khan gnashes his teeth at Trump for taking politically incorrect measures to protect our nation, the mayor’s own citizens suffer at the hands of the “tiny Muslim minority.” This is exactly what happens when you elect a diversity mayor who adheres to an ideology that prohibits our laws, values, and freedoms to run a progressive Western capital.


This is so embarrassing for my home state of California, but who cares? It’s not like this state and its far-left liberal socialist citizens harbor any shame anymore.

Attendees of the Valero Alamo Bowl in Texas actually booed the Stanford University Band during its failure of a halftime performance after the left wing hack bandsmen mocked the border wall, Whataburger, and all things Texan. The awful and disrespectful performance came during the California university’s bowl game versus Texas Christian University, and TCU responded by defeating the Stanford Cardinals.

The Stanford marching band which is known for its satirical and disrespectful halftime performances, unless you are a liberal that is, poked fun at Texan’s state pride, the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump, horned frogs (the TCU mascot), and Whataburger, which is the iconic burger restaurant loved by the majority of Texans. But this group of disrespectful ingrates forgot one thing, “Don’t mess with Texas” isn’t just a fake slogan like “The Golden State” is.

The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look

For decades after World War II, California was a destination for Americans in search of a better life. In many people’s minds, it was the state with more jobs, more space, more sunlight, and more opportunity. They voted with their feet, and California grew spectacularly (its population increased by 137 percent between 1960 and 2010). However, this golden age of migration into the state is over. For the past two decades, California has been sending more people to other American states than it receives from them. Since 1990, the state has lost nearly 3.4 million residents through this migration.

This study describes the great ongoing California exodus, using data from the Census, the Internal Revenue Service, the state’s Department of Finance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and other sources. We map in detail where in California the migrants come from, and where they go when they leave the state. We then analyze the data to determine the likely causes of California’s decline and the lessons that its decline holds for other states.

The data show a pattern of movement over the past decade from California mainly to states in the western and southern U.S.: Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, in that order, are the top magnet states. Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah follow. Rounding out the top ten are two southern states: Georgia and South Carolina.

A finer-grained regional analysis reveals that the main current of migration out of California in the past decade has flowed eastward across the Colorado River, reversing the storied passages of the Dust Bowl era. Southern California had about 55 percent of the state’s population in 2000 but accounted for about 65 percent of the net out-migration in the decade that followed. More than 70 percent of the state’s net migration to Texas came from California’s south.

What has caused California’s transformation from a “pull in” to a “push out” state? The data have revealed several crucial drivers. One is chronic economic adversity (in most years, California unemployment is above the national average). Another is density: the Los Angeles and Orange County region now has a population density of 6,999.3 per square mile—well ahead of New York or Chicago. Dense coastal areas are a source of internal migration, as people seek more space in California’s interior, as well as migration to other states. A third factor is state and local governments’ constant fiscal instability, which sends at least two discouraging messages to businesses and individuals. One is that they cannot count on state and local governments to provide essential services—much less, tax breaks or other incentives. Second, chronically out-of-balance budgets can be seen as tax hikes waiting to happen.

The data also reveal the motives that drive individuals and businesses to leave California. One of these, of course, is work. States with low unemployment rates, such as Texas, are drawing people from California, whose rate is above the national average. Taxation also appears to be a factor, especially as it contributes to the business climate and, in turn, jobs. Most of the destination states favored by Californians have lower taxes. States that have gained the most at California’s expense are rated as having better business climates. The data suggest that many cost drivers—taxes, regulations, the high price of housing and commercial real estate, costly electricity, union power, and high labor costs—are prompting businesses to locate outside California, thus helping to drive the exodus.

Population change, along with the migration patterns that shape it, are important indicators of fiscal and political health. Migration choices reveal an important truth: some states understand how to get richer, while others seem to have lost the touch. California is a state in the latter group, but it can be put back on track. All it takes is the political will.

Hey, Stanford, Texas is a state that’s growing, not floundering like California is. Everyone wants to move there, only people who want to move to California, with its sky-high taxes, regulations, and uncontrolled Illegal Alien crime are the illegals themselves. And only because that cesspool of a state is now a Sanctuary State thanks to ignorant citizens like yourselves who keep insisting on voting for the same 3 failed communist Democrat politicians over and over again.

Yeah, Stanford Fairies, keep laughing. While people from almost all the other 49 states in the union laugh at California’s homeless population crisis, where you can’t walk in a major city without having to be careful not to step on human feces, to asinine and illegal gun laws for law abiding citizens even though your very own politicians have gone to jail for gun running. And not to mention having the highest taxed gas in the nation. Yeah, keep laughing Stanford “Elites,” we’ll see how funny you find it when you graduate and can’t find work to pay your 50k per year tuition debt to Stanford. Maybe Whataburger will hire you if you even have the qualifications and work ethics to qualify to work there.

Source: Freedom Daily