Woman Prisoner Sues State, Wins $267,500 After What Officials Wouldn’t Do Between Her Legs

An Oregon woman has most recently shocked the public after suing the state and winning just over a quarter million dollars. However, it’s not so much the money that has people talking but rather the reason – and it all boils down to what prison officials wouldn’t do between her legs while she was in jail.Image result for Woman Prisoner Sues State, Wins $267,500 After What Officials Wouldn’t Do Between Her Legs

Michale Wright has a long record. Currently, it appears that she’s been arrested somewhere around 8 to 10 times since 2009 on a variety of charges, mostly consisting of meth possession and theft. Of course, her mugshot shows exactly how much she was into drug use the last time that she was arrested.

Currently, she’s serving a 5-year stint in an Oregon Corrections Department facility for armed robbery as her crimes have continued to escalate over the years. Although you’d think that would be long enough for the punk to reflect on the actions that got her there, it seems that the extra time has only allowed her to scheme a genius plan to rip off the state for over a quarter million dollars.

As it turns out, Wright was especially upset after what prison officials wouldn’t do between her legs despite her numerous requests. According to The Gateway Pundit, Wright is actually a transgender woman – born a man – and was looking to get rid of her unwanted penis.

Of course, knowing full well that medical treatment in prison would come at no cost to her, she decided that her five years in jail would be the perfect time to transition. Too bad for Wright, she was immediately shot down after first asking for hormone therapy.

Doing as all entitled brats do in cases like this, she approached the ACLU and decided to see how much money she could leach out of the situation. In all, the courts sided with Wright, awarding $167,500 to her and $100,000 in attorneys’ fees.

As one would imagine, the ACLU is more than happy, seeing how they walked away from the ordeal with a cool $100 grand, but it has the rest of the state and country shaking their collective head. As far as many people are concerned, as long as prisoners aren’t being beaten and get 3 meals a day, they’re not allowed to complain about anything.

Prison isn’t meant to be fun. Prison isn’t meant to be free time to explore ventures that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do. It’s meant to be a punishment. When someone commits a crime and they go to jail, the time spent there isn’t supposed to be pleasant. However, Wright feels entitled to do something that she didn’t seem to care about one single bit before she landed in a place where healthcare is free. Of course, by free, we mean funded by hardworking taxpayers.

Simply put, if her penis was a problem, why didn’t she take care of it before? Then answer is clear. She didn’t want to spend her own money to do it, and now, taxpayers are rightfully pissed off to be forced to fund this.

At the end of the day, not only did this state not tell this entitled brat to piss off and get her surgery on her own dime, but they then forked over $267,500 of mandated taxpayer funds in her favor when she complained. What kind of world are we living in where that makes any sense to anyone, let alone a judge?

Sadly, this just goes to show how far the left has corrupted society as a whole. Personally, if you want to start cutting off appendages, that’s your own business, but what you don’t have is the right to make someone else pay for your voluntary procedures. Political correctness has gone too far – and now, Americans are literally paying for it.

Credit Source : Mad World News

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