Meryl Streep Calls Trump ‘Dictator Who Stole Election,’ President Gives Her Nasty Surprise

After Meryl Streep infamously bashed President Donald Trump at last year Golden Globes, she is now coming out with a new movie called “The Post,” a movie based on true events about The Washington Post in 1971. Streep is making the rounds, insisting that Trump is a “dictator” stopping a “free press” and stating that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton, but that’s when things got ugly. The president gave her a “nasty surprise,” making her look like a fool.

Meryl Streep is one hot liberal mess. She is so confused about the truth in this country today, she actually buys the liberal lies about Trump, every single one of them. She’s convinced the president didn’t win the election, and she thinks actual Russians caused Hillary to lose. She also believes Trump’s war on the “fake news” is a war on “real news,” and that’s
Trump has proven his point. Time and time again, he has pointed out bogus stories coming out of the New York TimesABC News, and, yes, now The Washington Post, which was bought by Amazon’s hardcore leftist billionaire Jeff Bezos. Trump told Streep off right after the Golden Globes where the leftist actress went on an anti-Trump tirade

Yet, Meryl Streep continues to hammer the fake news talking points, providing no proof of her claims. Comparing her upcoming movie, The Post, to President Trump on CBS This Morning, it’s quite clear along with her co-star Tom Hanks, who vacations with the Obamas, that these people need help with the truth in America today.

Looking like a cat who just swallowed a canary, Streep’s eyes get huge when asked why this new movie is “relevant” today, and Hanks answers that the movie was written in October 2016, “when the first woman in the United States was going to be president for the first time in history, things were altered by that.”

Streep chimes in, “We knew what had happened,” meaning Trump’s election was altered by dark forces and Hillary really won. “There’s a siege on a free and independent press,”says Streep, to which CBS’ Gayle King then adds, “This is what we see the President of the United States doing today.” Streep nods her head, “When the state [Trump] goes after the press [fake news] it’s a very dangerous situation.

Are these people for real? Are they so far removed from what is going on today or are they stuck in some type of time warp in 1971? We know for a fact that so-called journalists colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We have their actual emails doing the colluding. We have CNN’s former employee Donna Brazile giving Hillary the debate questions.

Then, there’s the whole fake Russia narrative. “Within 24 hours of [Hillary’s] concession speech, [campaign chair John Podesta and manager Robby Mook] assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up,” reports the New York Post.

The report adds, “For a couple of hours, with Shake Shack containers littering the room, they went over the script they would pitch to the press and the public. Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument. The plan, according to the book [Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign], was to push journalists to cover how ‘Russian hacking was the major unreported story of the campaign,’ and it succeeded to a fare-thee-well. After the election, coverage of the Russian ‘collusion’ story was relentless.”

You would think Meryl Streep would get informed. We agree, the upcoming movie about The Washington Post who fought to publish classified documents so that the American people could learn the truth about corruption in Washington, D.C., is relevant today, the only problem is that this is 2017, not 1971. The “free press” is dead and gone as far as big news outlets go.

We know why Tom Hanks is brainwashed. He vacationed with the Obamas and recounted the “talks” that were going on during the trip. He described these talks as hardcore policy-type discussions, going on three times a day, as Mad World News previously reported.

Trump has blown Streep and Hanks out of the water with tweets, circumventing the fake news and going straight to the American people:
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The problem with the Hollywood crowd is that they are stuck with the lying Democrats. They picked that side, and no matter what comes out, they will never break away and investigate for themselves what really is going on. Their minds are closed, and they have made Trump into a caricature so they can continue to believe the lies coming out of the fake news networks.

Streep also said, “We need good investigative reporters today, it’s a dangerous job.” Yeah, where are the “investigative” reporters? There are still a few, like Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, who got the inside scoop on Hillary’s campaign and exposed the bogus Russia narrative. They are totally ignored by the Hollywood crowd who get their news from CNN and MSNBC. Thank God, middle-class Americans rejected the Hollywood crowd with all their fanfare and voted for Donald Trump. Now, if we could only get them to shut up and go away.

Credit Source : Mad World News

Alabama Officially Investigating Doug Jones For Election Fraud

You’ve probably heard that a van full of illegal immigrants was apprehended at a polling location in Alabama casting fraudulent votes for Democrat Doug Jones or that blacks were being bused in from other states to do the same. Maybe you heard about the town where Jones got more votes than there are registered voters or even the piles of dead bodies that somehow voted for him. Maybe you noticed it was a little weird that black cops chose to harass whites on their way to polling locations — especially since more than 98 percent of blacks voted for Jones. No matter which part of the drama unfolding around the Alabama special election to the Senate you’ve heard, it should be clear that the whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

Fortunately, the Alabama Election Integrity Board, established in January after President Trump took office as part of his nationwide push for fair, transparent elections, has launched a “full investigation” into Doug Jones’ very blatant attempts to steal the election from the man Alabamans actually want for the job. The Mobile Register reports:

Election Integrity Board president Alan Cumbersen says that there is “sufficient evidence that there may have been wrongdoing” and vows to “get to the bottom of things.”

Cumbersen says the allegations against Jones are “deeply concerning” and that “if Jones tried to cheat, those fraudulent votes will be invalidated.” More than one-third of Jones’ votes have been called into question to date.

This comes at a time when Democrats are desperately begging Republicans to hold up a vote on a tax bill until Jones can be sworn in because his vote is needed to stifle efforts to improve lives for millions of Americans.

It’s clear that Democrats are desperate. They needed Jones to vote for their agenda. They cheated to get him in office. It seems pretty simple.